At previous reunions, the Committee has created and published a booklet containing the names, biographies, photos, etc. of our Class members.
This booklet has been named "The Rusty Anchor" and "The Rustier Anchor".
We briefly considered naming the 55th Reunion booklet "The Rustiest Anchor", but quickly discarded that idea.
Instead, we chose "The Crusty Anchor - 2019" in honor of our 55 years as NNHS Alumni.
Now, we would like to fill "The Crusty Anchor" with lots of photos and information about all of you, but that can only happen if you send those photos and information to us for compilation and packaging into a printable document.
So, fire up those word processors and digital cameras and get busy. Tell us all about yourself and your kids and grandkids. Send us lots of photos. We would like to publish your address, telephone number and e-mail, but those data are optional.
Of course, we need some time to organize all that information, so we really need to receive it as soon as possible, but no later than the August 1st.

Watch your "snail" mail in the next few weeks for details on submitting your information.

Send your information by e-mail to: and
or mail it to:
NNHS Class of 1964
P.O. Box 6387
Norfolk VA  23508-0387