October 12, 2019
2 months and 19 days left
until our reunion.


June 24
The 55th Reunion Committee is thrilled to announce that Coach and Mrs. Nuttycombe will attend our reunion on October 12th.


Today, your Reunion Committee met and stuffed over 250 envelopes with reunion information. These are now on their way to you courtesy of the U.S. Postal Service. We used the mailing addresses we had on file in our Master Class Roster. Almost certainly, some of them will be incorrect and will be returned to us. If that happens, we will try to find you by other means. If you do not receive a mailing before July 1st, please send us an e-mail at  nnhs64@cox.net

MAY 18

All classmates will soon receive a mailing with detailed reunion information, a ticket reservation form, and an input form for the 2019 Crusty Anchor reunion book. We hope to reach all classmates with this mailing, particularly those who do not have Internet access.

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